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  1. Solid State 100% LED semiconductor electronics provide over 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation.
  2. Aluminum Lightweight, aircraft-grade coated aluminum chassis offers exceptional rigidity and protection against the elements.
  3. Polycarbonate Impact resistant and UV stable lens, chassis shroud, adjustable mounting feet, and module housings.
  4. DROPLOCK™ POWER RAILS Patented power rail circuitry distributes DC power and electronic control signals throughout the lightbar.
  5. DROPLOCK™ MODULES Patented design allows easy module placement anywhere on the power rails, creating unlimited configurations.
Ideal for use on small vans and other light commercial vehicles. This compact general purpose warning solution is ideal for professionals from plumbers to pilot car operators. Shown here with dual 360° LED beacons that offer a multitude of flash patterns including simulated rotate.
The perfect length for mid-size vans and pick-ups. Shown here in a general purpose configuration featuring directional LED warning modules that provide a combination of focused beam and wide-angle light dispersion, this bar is ideal for on-highway applications. A Safety Director module can be easily added to provide traffic direction capability.
The optimum length for full-size vans, pick-ups and smaller tow trucks. Shown here in a deluxe tow configuration this bar features all around directional warning, high level supplementary stop-tail-indicator lights, alley lights and rear facing worklamps for scene illumination and a traffic directing Safety Director to provide maximum flexibility.
Ideal for large tow trucks, plows, sweepers and other heavy road vehicles. The 30" mid-section provides ample room for supplemental warning and auxiliary lighting or, in the case of the example shown, an illuminated mid-section to prominently display your company name or message of your choice.
Designed for use on the largest commercial vehicles including plows, semi tractors and other Class 8 vocational trucks. The largest model of the Axios line, this bar is so spacious that the potential configurations of warning and productivity modules are limitless.

How does Axios fit your needs? Explore a few of the many ways Axios modular can be configured for your specific application.


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07 Modules
Singular Focus

No tools convenience speeds up your build and makes upgrading Axios LED modules simple.

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Real world and extreme simulation testing ensures your locally built Axios modular LED lightbar will withstand everything you can.