Where can I get an Axios lightbar?

Axios Partners can configure and build you a lightbar with no waiting. Find an Axios Partner . You can also contact ECCO Inside Sales for assistance.

Does an Axios lightbar meet SAE and ECE requirements?

Absolutely. When properly configured with LED modules, SAE J845 Class I, ECE Regulation 65, and California Title 13 among other standards. Contact your local Axios Partner Axios Partner or ECCO Inside Sales to get yours today.

Can I use my own switches to operate an Axios lightbar instead of the keypad controller?

Yes, with a couple of exceptions. If you use discrete wiring the simulated rotate mode of the beacon module will not operate, and if you have a Safety Director™ installed you must use the included keypad controller to operate it.

How do I select the simulated rotate mode for the beacon modules?

If your beacons are flashing, press and hold the left and right alley light buttons on the keypad controller for two seconds. The beacons will operate in simulated rotate mode. To return to flash mode, press and hold the left and right alley light buttons for two seconds.

The corner feedback LEDs on the keypad controller keep shutting off. Is this normal?

Yes. The four corner LEDs will mimic the selected flash pattern for 30 seconds so as not to distract the driver.

How do I install the lightbar on my vehicle?

An installation kit is included for permanent mounting. ECCO also offers several model-specific and universal mounting kits for temporary mounting. To connect the Axios lightbar to your vehicle’s electrical system, we recommend using only qualified installers. Though we’ve simplified installation using a CAN bus junction box, all vehicle systems are unique. See the User Guide for a general wiring diagram. Contact your local Axios Partner or contact ECCO Inside Sales for help finding the right mounting kit and a qualified installer.

I reconfigured some of the LED modules, now they don’t work. What’s wrong?

The Axios lightbar chassis includes three power rails that provide power and communication signals to the modules. To operate correctly, LED modules must be placed in the correct power rail(s) and in some cases must be oriented in a particular manner. See the User Guide for specific information.

How many LED modules can I add to my Axios lightbar?

An Axios lightbar can support a maximum total current draw of 20 amps. See the User Guide to review the amperage specifications for each module. The 20 amp total includes the Safety Director (if installed).

How many worklamps can I put in my lightbar?

A maximum of four rear worklamps and four front worklamps can be installed. The maximum number of either left or right alley lights is also four.

One of the modules on the bar is not illuminating. How can I tell what is causing the issue?

If an Axios module is not working properly, double check the DropLock module(s) contacts located underside of the module. Ensure that the modules are making a good connection with the power rail on the chassis. A contact can get bent/smashed causing a loss of connection. You can carefully bend the contact(s) back so it makes a secure connection to the power rail.